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Customer Testimonials

New, April 25, 2005. Added two new testimonials (at top).

D Jones of Somerset

Further to my telephone conversation with you this morning, I am writing to reiterate my praise for your security products.

As you may remember we ordered the product on a Thursday and it was promised to us on Tuesday, but actually arrived on the Monday. Our order was dealt with in a friendly and businesslike manner by yourself and your colleague. We were able to set up the system with ease due to your precise instruction booklet, and most importantly having set up the system, it worked to our greatest satisfaction with no problem.

We are more than impressed with the pager system. It is extremely beneficial in our situation.

Having spent considerable hours trawling the internet for the best radio security system to suit our particular needs and having chosen your company we are pleased to say that we believe we have made the right choice.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,


L Churchman of Staffordshire

I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with the Sentinel system, which I purchased from you recently.

It has changed my life completely because of the confidence it has given me in the Security of my premises against intruders.

I have tested the unit 30 or 40 times this week having people driving into the driveway from left and right and it has not faltered once (100% success).

It, of course, picks up vehicles (and people) LEAVING the premises.

I cannot stress enough how totally delighted I am with this wonderful device and have already recommended it to all of my friends and colleagues.
Thank you, once again.


J Moss of West Sussex

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the Sentinel alarm system that you supplied to us.

As you know we were in the middle of a spate of thefts from farms locally which is what forced me into making the farm buildings and yards more secure. The system that we bought is ideal as we have various entry points that we are able to cover with the alarms as well as the buildings.

The system has saved us from break-ins on at least four occasions during the last few months. During the night we take the receiver upstairs with us and we are alerted immediately anyone enters the farm and at which point (we have five detection units).

If we are indoors during the day or if my wife is at home alone it is also useful, as you are immediately aware if anyone is around.

I would happily recommend the unit to anyone who was thinking of improving their security, I think it is particularly suited to the farm environment as we have various large pieces of equipment that we need to keep secure and the Sentinel system allows us to do this.

If you wanted to bring anyone to see our system you would be most welcome.


F W Marshall of West Sussex

Testimonial one.

Angela of Bognor Regis

Dear sirs,

Thankyou for your telephone help the other day re. setting our security system. Since installing it we have caught the intruder that was troubling us & the police have carted him off! And now rest much easier in our beds at night knowing any disturbance we can be down with our horses in a few minutes and hopefully catch the culprits.

Thankyou again.

Yours sincerely,


D Harrison of Ely, Cambridgeshire

Testimonial two.