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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a security problem but I am not sure how to tackle it. Can I get advice?

A. Yes, you can ring us any business day. We will offer friendly, professional advice to you on the best way of protecting your property. You can fax, email or post a plan of your site (with a few dimensions please) and we will contact you with a solution. We can also send you further details or tell you what to look for on the website.

Q. I have a smallholding <any remote site>  which is over 5 miles away. Your Sentinel PRO 6 will not cover that range. Can you help?

A. We have developed a GSM system that, whilst utilising the same detection devices as the Sentinel PRO 6, will contact you from a site anywhere a mobile phone network signal can reach. Using simple commands to control it the system will ring and/or text you to warn of an intrusion, or indeed monitor the state of something. You can even phone it up to switch something on/off.

Q. I have been browsing the web and have seen similar systems to yours. Are they the same?

A. In a word NO! Some ancillary equipment such as door contacts, speech diallers and GSM pagers are bought in to combine with our systems. However, the Sentinel PRO 6, RSS Super GSM MKII, and the Detectors and Relays associated with these products, are unique to RSS. All systems are manufactured in the UK by either ourselves or a sub contractor specialising in radio equipment.

Q. I have a few outbuildings but by the time I get out there the damage will have been done. Can we get to know that somebody is on our property before my farm equipment has been stolen?

A. It is our company's philosophy that we try to locate the villains before any damage is done. If your driveway and external areas are protected you will be given more time to respond in an appropriate manner.

Q. Will the system do anything else?

A. Yes. We are actively working on new developments that will see individual transmitters monitoring a host of things. Even now we can monitor temperature, fluid levels and fluid flow. All of these requirements are customer driven. Have you a special requirement?

Q. Will the detectors pick up vehicles as well as people?

A. Yes. To detect vehicles coming down your driveway we do advise a slightly different set up. This is all explained in our comprehensive instructions.

Q. Can the detectors be set to avoid detection of animals?

A. The detectors are preset in the factory to avoid detection of small animals such as cats, dogs and foxes. However, it would detect large animals such as deer, cattle or horses. The latter you would probably want to know about in any case.

Q. I need a standard Sentinel system. Will I have a lot of wiring and installation to do?

A. No. This kit is wire free. The detectors simply need mounting onto a sound fixing point with a few screws. The receiver is free standing and just needs plugging in. This is true for the vast majority of our products. However, if there is a requirement for a different partly fixed system this is still easily within the capabilities of most of our clients or a handyman.

Q. If I buy a system will I have to set site codes, zone codes and everything else when it arrives?

A. Everything leaves our factory ready to operate the minute you unpack it. Even our full GSM system goes out the door fully wired. We test everything thoroughly before dispatch, and we check any site codes that are being used in your area by other customers.

Q. The road probe has come fully wired but I need to unwire part of the system to pass a cable through a wall. Are there instructions?

A. If the system is a little out of the ordinary, or you wish to adjust it to your own specification, the full colour photograph showing how it is wired together should help you.

Q. I have a gate and drive I wish to protect but it is over 300m away. Will the radio signal go that far?

A. Yes, in fact it should go much further. Our standard product will radio back over 500m but we have different systems for most applications. We can send the signal several miles if that is a requirement. Simply ask us.

Q. I have a shed with two doors about 25m apart. Will I need two detectors?

A. No. As long as the two entrances are roughly in line with each other one of our 35m (100 feet) straight line detectors will cover both entrances easily.

Q. We are often away from the property. Can we, or a neighbour, be contacted by the Sentinel system?

A. Yes. All our radio receivers can plug directly into one of our Speech Diallers and your phone line. This will contact up to 4 different telephone numbers including your mobile. Of course it may be that neighbour is within radio range. If so, just give him your portable receiver.

Q. If the alarm goes off, what do I do?

A. That's up to you. The Police will react quickly if you can verify that you have an intruder. Unless you specify differently, the intruder does not know that he has been detected which gives you the best chance to spot him discreetly.

Q. It is alright having an alarm at night but I have a workshop that I use during the day which is a bit away from the house. Is the system portable enough to take with me?

A. Yes. The Sentinel PRO 6 receiver has a battery backup that will last for 12 hours or more. However, for regular use over 4 hours you need to either take your charger with you, or indeed, buy another charger for the second location.

Q. Can I disguise the detectors?

A. Yes and for covert detection we would expect this. The detector can be hidden almost anywhere and needs only a 4cms. diameter view. You can hide it in anything non-metallic. We can even supply wooden enclosures.

Q. Does the aerial have to be in the open?

A. No. As long as it is not covered in metal the system will be fine. But remember anything in the way of the radio signal will bring the signal strength down slightly, so if the detector is a long way away you must verify that the signal is getting through to the receiver. We can even supply a ready made Bird Box type enclosure.

Q. I have bought a small system but now I have other areas to protect. Can I add to the system?

A. Yes, we keep details of your particular set up and can send you equipment already working for your site.

Q. A farmer friend says that taxis and aircraft radios set off his <Brand X> system. Will this happen to mine?

A. Not the Sentinel system. The DTI have approved this equipment for non licence use and it works on a frequency far away from possible interference.

Q. My friend next door has some of your equipment and has recommended it to me. If I buy a system from you will it interfere with hers or vice versa?

A. No. We have a database that tells us about your friends set up. We set your system up differently so that you don’t get to know when your friend comes home.

Q. I have a manager and a gamekeeper and I would like them both to have a receiver, is this possible?

A. You can have as many receivers as you like preset to the same site codes.

Q. I see the Sentinel PRO 6 receiver has six zones, but I have a release site that may need 3 detectors and I need 5 detectors to cover my main farm. How do I fit them all on the receiver?

A. Easily. The three detectors can all be set onto one zone. You will not identify which has activated but you will know the area of intrusion.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.