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Sentinel - For Robust Wirefree Security

Illustration of our Sentinel system in action

What is Sentinel?

Sentinel is a range of wireless security products for protecting rural properties and assets. With a wide selection of receivers, sensors, detectors, and probes, the Sentinel system keeps your informed of the movement of people and vehicles on your property, and/or critical changes in environmental (temperature, water levels, etc) conditions. All Sentinel systems are modular and can be purchased and/or upgraded separately, which makes life easy if your property or security demands expand. The Sentinel PRO 6 system will protect at a range of nominally 500m, but greater distances are readily achieved. Talk to us or go back to the Home Page and click on Medium Range if you need much greater protection range. 

RSS Radio Receivers

We provide two different radio receivers. Click on the one that suits your requirements. Details of the detection devices relevant to the receiver will also be shown

SENTINEL PRO 6 This is the most popular 6 Zone receiver in the range due to its portability and simplicity of use. It has an output to EITHER a Speech Dialler OR an external Siren. Uses HIGH POWER RADIO. Can be used with the RSS range of Relay/Pagers.
4000 LITE

An economy fixed panel (not portable) receiver. With less radio range and features than the Sentinel Pro 6. Can be used with a combination of  external and internal detectors. It can be remotely controlled up to about 60m away. There are limitations as to the type of detectors that can be used and 4000 Lite cannot use the range of RSS Relay/Pagers. Can be controlled by a time clock. Connections for a Speech Dialler and Siren Pack


DETECTION DEVICES that can be used with the above radio receivers.

Learn more about the Sentinel relay and pager system, ideal for situations where an extended range is required.

Interested? Please get in touch, and we can give you advice specifically tailored to your situation (no obligation to buy).