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Radio Security Systems Repair & Upgrade Service

RSS are pleased to offer a repair and upgrade service to customers with systems supplied by other companies who may have ceased trading (Maxtec, Rural Security {not to be confused with us}, and others).  Maybe you are not happy with the quality of support offered by your existing supplier - why not give us a call? 

At Radio Security Systems:

1)  We have the technical expertise to repair, retune and maintain most wireless based security systems.

2) We pride ourselves in repairing equipment in a cost efficient and timely fashion, leaving you without security for a minimum of time.

3) Where necessary we can employ our own units to integrate with items from your system that may be beyond repair.

4)  If you need to "beef up" your existing setup, we can supply detectors and receivers that can combine or replace parts of your system.

5) In most cases we are the ONLY company who can repair and supply compatible equipment.

We are here to help you get the most from your system. Give us a call for friendly expert advice on 0781 6673167

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