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The RSS Range Of Relays

To greatly extend the radio range of our 'Sentinel' system we manufacture three different types of radio relay. These relays can only be used in conjunction with SENTINEL PRO 6 and their DETECTION DEVICES and/or a small Pocket Pager. The relays can be powered either by our mains driven power supply with battery back up, or by a car type battery where mains is unavailable for remote operation.                 

Looking right to left on the picture you have the DETECTION devices that will monitor an intrusion. Once an intrusion is detected they will send a radio message up to 1.5Km to the RELAY AND PAGING device. This in turn will relay that information on to a PAGER, that you can carry with you, up to 5Km away. AND/OR send the information to a NOTIFICATION device (Sentinel PRO 6) up to 1.5Km. Multiple relays can be used over very large sites.  

All distances stated are approximate and much depends on the height of the relay and the topography of the local area.

All the relays will pass on standard information from the detectors, such as LOW BATTERY and TAMPER (where applicable).

All relays are fully weatherproof and are supplied with relevant fixing brackets, pole clamps and cable lengths to your requirements.

RSS-R (Receiver based)

  • A simple radio relay for use with the Sentinel PRO 6  alarm receiver/sounders
  • 1.5Km radio range from detector to relay
  • 1.5Km radio range from relay to a Sentinel PRO 6 alarm receiver/sounders
  • Pinpoints the area of intrusion by means of a zone indicator on the receiver (LED)
  • Additional alarm notification can be sent via a speech dialler, or a GSM module to your mobile phone or land line

RSS-P (Pager based)

  • A relay that has been specifically designed for use exclusively with a local radio pocket pager
  • 1.5Km radio range from detector to relay
  • 5Km radio range from relay to pocket pager
  • Pinpoints up to 14 zones of intrusion by numeric LCD display
  • The pager FLASHES a LED, BEEPS and can be set to VIBRATE for noisy work environments

RSS-RP (Receiver and Pager based)

  • This relay has been designed to give the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility
  • It is used with EITHER the Sentinel PRO 6 receiver/sounder AND a pocket pager
  • Radio ranges are as RSS-R and P, with 1.5Km relay to radio receiver and 5Km to pager
  • It will pinpoint 6 zones of intrusion (Sentinel PRO 6)
  • When a panic button is pressed on a remote, this is indicated by 999 on the pager

The pricing for a relay based system is dependent upon the level of notification needed


Please get in touch, and we can give you advice specifically tailored to your situation (no obligation to buy).