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4000 Lite Range

Our All-In-One Wireless Alarm and Monitoring System

No Hassle Wireless Monitoring

The 4000 Lite is useful for those on a budget who wish to have a short range, domestic type, internal wireless alarm system combined with medium range external detection. Note: this system is not compatible with, or as capable as the Sentinel PRO range.

System Features

  • No wires. Other than plugging the receiver into the mains supply, the units are easily fitted without disruption to buildings or décor.
  • Internal units have a nominal range of 100m.
  • Part set facility allows you to protect or monitor areas but still move freely through others.
  • Unique factory codes prevent cross talk between systems.
  • The receiver has outputs for bells, sirens, lights, and other peripherals.
  • Connect a Speech Dialer for notification when off-site.
  • The 3 button remote allows full set, part set, unarm and a panic button feature.
  • Programmable entry/exit times to suit your requirements.
  • Low battery and tamper indication by zone.
  • General purpose TX with integral reed/door contact.
  • System can be easily added to as requirements change. Expand the system when you wish.
  • Where range is a problem an aerial (not shown) can double the range of the external detectors.

Detector Features

  • Ideal for Internal Areas: Your house, conservatory, workshops..
  • Use the 10m 90 degree fan internal PIR detector.
  • Ideal for External Areas: Perimeters, tracks, gateways, yards..
  • Use our compatible weatherproof detectors with a radio range of nominally 350m or more.
  • The external 30m corridor beam PIR detector for perimeters and gateways.
  • The external 10m 85 degree fan PIR detector to cover areas such as ponds and courtyards.