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Intelligent High Powered (HP) Passive Infra-Red Detectors

Not to be confused with domestic systems.

Our detectors are industrial quality passive infra-red detectors making false alarms a thing of the past.

The IR detector units are the true workhorses of the Sentinel range and keep a watchful eye over your property, silently alerting the receiver by radio contact whenever there's a security breach.

The unit is entirely radio based, and is easily concealable. We can provide both rugged weather-proof external detectors, or simpler units for internal use.


  • Easily concealed and easily mountable. The detectors can be mounted covertly.
  • Radio link of nominally 500m to the receiver unit, but this can be increased, dependent on requirements.
  • 6 months on battery power! Powered by a PP3 9 volt battery, the detector can operate for six months or more, dependent on usage. A low battery warning sent to the main receiver alerts you of necessary changes.
  • 35m straight line detection, or a 90 degree fan to 12m.
  • Ignores animals and flapping branches. Where required for outside use, the detectors are set to ignore animals, moths, branches, etc.
  • Fully weatherproof. The external detector is rugged enough to withstand the worst of weathers.