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Sentinel PRO 6 Range

The portable and most popular receiver range

The 6 zone portable radio receiver acts as a 'base station' for a Sentinel security system, given an alert to security breaches, triggered switches, and other alarm conditions.

The unit is entirely radio based, fully portable, and mains operated with battery backup. As long as the base station is within several hundred metres of the sensors, alarms, and road probes, you're keeping in constant touch with your property!

For greater distances use this receiver in conjunction with the relay and pager system.

For fixed wall mounted 8 zone panel see 4000 Lite.

Reasons to choose a Sentinel PRO 6 system

  • The most versatile of all our radio systems giving portability and long radio range
  • Easily fitted. There is no wiring to do. A screwdriver and a little camouflage is all you need!
  • Grey screen on external PIR makes it easy for you to blend the enclosure into your surroundings.
  • Radio based detection units have a nominal 500m range to the receiver, usually greater.
  • Large increases in range can be obtained with the use of external aerials.
  • Individual transmitter codes prevent cross talk with your neighbours' detection systems.
  • Within radio range, the 6 Zone Receiver is at home in your 4x4 as it is in your bedroom!
  • For home use, the Receiver operates from the power supply supplied with your equipment.
  • The Receiver is battery backed up in case of power failure and to aid system set-up and testing.
  • Visual and audible alarm for each zone with individual audio cut-out, selectable by zone.
  • The Receiver indicates a low battery state of both detectors and the receiver itself.
  • Doorbell function gives you a short warning of anybody, including the postman, entering your property.
  • External quality 35m corridor beam PIR detectors for perimeters and gateways.
  • Also supplied as a 12m, 85 degree fan detection unit.
  • 12m 90 degree internal PIR for your workshop or any other dry area.
  • The battery life (PP3) in the PIR is usually about 6 months up to a year (dependent on usage).
  • Can be used with specialised equipment such as our Road-Probe (separate details available).
  • Monitoring devices can include door contacts, pressure mats, water-level and temperature sensors.
  • All our external detectors can be set to avoid small animals to prevent false alarm by foxes, etc.
  • Where feasible, save money and double the detection range with our back-to-back units.
  • Connections are provided for a speech-dialler to call up to 4 different numbers.
  • System can be easily added to as requirements change. Expand the system when you wish.


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