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Our Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy explains how a company respects your privacy, how it collects information about its customers, what information it stores about its customers, and how that information is ultimately used. It also provides contact details in case of problems.

The Information We Collect While You Browse Our Site

By browsing our Web site, we do not take any information about you, although we do have 'Web site statistics' that allow us to see how many visitors we have, and which Web sites they came from. Most Web sites have this feature.

The Information We Collect When You Contact Us

If you e-mail us or use our contact form, we store only the details that are of immediate use in answering your query. We do not sell or give your details to any third parties. We do not have access to any details you did not explicitly send in your e-mail.

Our full contact details


From inside the UK: 0781 6673167
From overseas: +44 761 6673167


26B Byron Business Park
Brookfield Road
Arnold, Nottingham