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Sentinel SUPER GSM MKII Radio Receiver & (Mobile Phone) Transmitter

For areas that are too remote to use conventional radio transmissions to a “Sentinel” radio receiver, where land phone lines do not exist or could be subject to attack, RSS has designed and manufactures a GSM system to let you know of an intrusion wherever you are. This unit can dial out to land-lines phones or dial and/or text mobile phones.  The system can be configured in three different ways and the options are shown at the foot of the page. 


Beware of inferior systems!!

RSS are proud to have recently released this GSM UNIT, supercedes all our previous models that not only texts but also rings you giving an audible warning of an intrusion. (Text messages alone are easily missed, especially at night).Arming, disarming and monitoring are done by a phone call to the GSM UNIT using a passcode and simple commands. (Unlike costly and sometimes fiddly text messaging where only one instruction can be sent at a time and you then wait for text confirmation. Again costing you money).

Unlike other manufacturers who may send out items and then leave it up to you to wire up, power and configure. Our systems come out to you fully configured with phone numbers and how you wish the alarm to respond, ie whether you wish a certain alarm event to phone and/or text etc. We will ask a set of simple questions to get it right first time. We will also ask about wire lengths so that it will go out of our factory ready for a simple DIY installation. We also supply a pre-registered “Pay As You Go” SIM card (usually ORANGE, subject to reception) with at least 5 of credit and a pre-registered “Top Up Card”.

The unit can be powered either by a RSS supplied mains power supply with battery backup, or by a car type battery where mains is unavailable, or for truly remote locations. So all you need to do is put the GSM UNIT in position, plug in, or connect battery, fit detectors (or other ancillary equipment you have purchased) and you are up and running. We make it as simple as possible and every piece of ancillary equipment comes with full easy to understand instructions. If anything in the future changes, such as phone numbers, the unit comes with software and cable to plug into a PC, or you can send it back for reconfiguring. Making your system totally future proof.

 THE GSM UNIT (see picture on front page)T he GSM UNIT (and where relevant the detectors and ancillaries) are fully weatherproof. Following discussion with you, equipment will be supplied with the relevant fixing brackets, pole clamps etc.

The GSM UNIT can pinpoint up to 4 areas of intrusion. However, as many detectors/sensors as you wish can cover each area when using the RADIO RECIEVER (see picture on front page) in conjunction with the GSM UNIT. It should be noted that when using the RADIO RECIEVER option that the unit will pinpoint 3 areas of detection as the 4th zone is used to monitor battery condition of the detectors/sensors.

The GSM UNIT can dial up to 4 land lines or mobile phones and text up to 4 mobile phones.

The GSM UNIT can be armed/disarmed and monitored by simply ringing the alarm’s number, entering a passcode and then entering simple commands to control it. The unit responds with a series of beeps to confirm successful operation.   

What do you need? (all options require a power supply, see paragraph 1)

1) In its simplest form the GSM UNIT can be wired directly to a set of door contacts (or a series of door contacts or similar) MAX. 4 units

2) In a slightly more advanced system the GSM UNIT can be wired directly to PIR DETECTORS or a combination of DETECTORS and ancillaries. MAX 4 Units

3) For a total system use is made of a RADIO RECIEVER wired to the GSM UNIT. This is a very flexible version using radio based EXTERNAL DETECTORS (see picture on front page) and a range of ancillary equipment. The advantages are that the detectors/sensors can be placed anywhere up to 1500m away from the RADIO RECIEVER. ANY amount of detectors/sensors can be employed pinpointing 3 areas of intrusion.


Please get in touch, and we can give you advice specifically tailored to your situation (no obligation to buy).