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                   Rural Security Solutions

Shown is a typical application on a golf course, However, the principle is the same for most security applications where a detector - covertly placed so that the intruder is unaware - responds to an intrusion by radioing a coded signal containing information about which detector has been activated. In this case the detector radios back to the house where a Radio Receiver decodes the message and indicates- visually and audibly- which detector sent the message. As many detectors as required can be used to cover areas from a garden to a golf course or more. The picture shown assumes somebody living on site. However, we use GSM (mobile phone) units for truly remote applications where the whole system can be controlled by simple commands. Not to be confused with inferior text only GSM systems.   back to homepage  

                     Be aware of who's on your property day and night..

Unfortunately, rural businesses and property are becoming significant targets for vandals, poachers, and other intruders in the night. Our Sentinel security system can cover your entire site, and notify you and/or a nominated person of the situation.

Rural security is our our core specialty, and we are experienced in meeting the needs of anybody seeking a proper security solution in both rural and urban habitats.

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