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Radio Based Detection and Monitoring Devices

HP = High Power Radio for the Sentinel PRO range nominal 500m and for the 4000 Lite range nominal 350m, and LP = Low Power Radio (up to 100m range)

All the listed detectors and monitors marked with 'HP' can be used with the range of RSS GSM modules for coverage up to and over hundreds of miles.

See the following chart to see which detector is compatible with which Sentinel radio receiver:

Detection Units

Unit name Power Sentinel  PRO 6 4000 Lite
External 35m corridor PIR HP Y Y
External 90 deg fan PIR HP Y Y
Internal 90 deg fan PIR HP N N
Internal 90 deg fan PIR LP N Y
Door Contacts (Heavy Duty) HP Y Y
Door Contacts LP N Y
Trip Wire HP Y Y
Security Cable (25m sections) HP Y Y
Magnetic Road Probe HP Y Y
Pressure Mats HP Y Y
Pressure Mats LP N Y
General Purpose Transmitter HP Y Y
General Purpose Transmitter LP N Y
Temperature Monitor High/Low HP Y Y
Water Level High/Low HP Y Y

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