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The SENTINEL General Purpose (GP) Transmitter for use with Ancillary Equipment

The RSS General Purpose Transmitter is used for many applications where an alarm status is required to be sent to the Sentinel PRO 6 radio receiver, either directly, or via a RSS Relay. The items below mostly relate to the HP (high power) version of the GP transmitter.

Because the transmitter is cabled to a detection/monitoring device, it can be mounted some distance from the device at the highest point available (you need to tell us what cable length is required). This can give the transmitter an impressive radio range to the radio receiver and if a Unity Gain Dipole Antenna is connect to the transmitter a range in excess of 2000 metres may be possible (subject to topography).

It may be that you currently have equipment that you would like to monitor. If it has a trigger, then you can integrate an RSS GP Transmitter. Talk to our technical department for advice.

  • The transmitter has contacts for either N/O or N/C circuits.
  • It can be powered either by a 12V DC supply, or by a PP3 9V DC battery.
  • There are connections for a tamper loop.
  • The unit has a Box Tamper. On removing the lid, it will go into alarm.
  • It is fully weatherproof.
  • Robust construction.
  • In most cases, several detection/monitoring devices can be wired to one Transmitter.

Please note: Subject to your requirements, there may be some variations to the above specification.

Nearly every application where a RSS GP Transmitter is used is different. We build to your specification, and, as such, prices vary. Please contact our offices for prices of pre-wired and ready-to-use equipment.

Ancillary Equipment

Pressure Mats.
Protect entrances and walkways (not heavy duty).
High/Low Temperature Monitor
Alarms once pre-entered parameters are exceeded.
Float Switch.
Reports either high or low levels in liquid.
Magnetic Road Probe. (Contact for availability)
Detects vehicles and other moving metal objects. Supplied with crocodile clips for car battery use, or mains power supply with battery back up.
Heavy Duty Door Contacts.
For harsh environments (stable doors, etc).
Humidity Monitor.
Single set point.
Trip Wire.
Main connection box and test button with full anti-tamper, for use with EITHER:

Thin insulated trip wire for hedging. The wire is broken when pushed through. Several hundred metres of perimeter can be protected.


Security cable for compound fencing, caravan storage, etc. Easy to install and convenient. 25 metre lengths with plugs/sockets. This is threaded through palisade fencing, tow bars, etc.


Please get in touch, and we can give you advice specifically tailored to your situation (no obligation to buy).

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