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We'll solve your rural and farm security problems.

If you run a rural business, farm, estate, fishery, breeding and release site, garden centre, or any countryside activity where security is an issue then the Sentinel range of wirefree systems will alert you and warn of an intrusion on your property. BE WARNED BEFORE THE THEFT OCCURS!

RSS also offer a repair and upgrade service for third party equipment  

We've decades of experience in the electronics and radio based security industry and staff at RSS offer a professional, specialised and affordable solution to your rural security problems.

The main systems (Sentinel PRO 6, Relays and GSM units) ARE unique to us and we are NUMBER ONE for service and quality in rural security solutions. With over 40% of our business coming from customer recommendation and referrals RSS are confident that you will put your trust in our systems and have the same peace of mind as our existing customer base. Other than small businesses such as farms, garden centres, fisheries, estates, shoots and release sites, our customer base includes major security companies, open prisons, golf courses, car manufactures, the police and civil defence.

95% of our finished modules and all of the build  are UK based. No wiring between detection and receiver makes for easy installation. All our products are configured to your requirements. There is no complicated set up whether it be SIM cards or zone code - everything is done for you ready to mount and operate - making for a simple DIY* installation.  

Ready to go? Just click on the picture that best describes your site.

Local                           (10m up to 1.5Km)          

Uses direct detector to receiver wireless communications. »

  • Compact farms
  • Garden centres
  • Smallholders
  • Livery yards
  • Stables
  • Caravan storage
  • Fish ponds
  • Livestock breeders

Medium Range            (approx. 2Km per relay)        

Uses a wireless relaying system to extend the basic range. »

  • Farms
  • Estates
  • Industrial sites
  • Golf clubs
  • Man guarding
  • Shoots
  • Fish farms

Long Range             (Worldwide GSM coverage)

Uses GSM cellular technology to span large distances. »

  • Remote stable blocks
  • Archaeological sites
  • Remote storage units
  • Security company
  • Any site more than 2Km away
  • Locations without phone access

Have a specific security or monitoring need? We cover the range..

Whether you need to be alerted of incoming vehicles, people,  monitor remote conditions (ponds, doors, etc), or detect intruders rapidly, we can help you.

*Where the installation requires mains voltages we recommend using a qualified electrician for this part of the work.

Call Local Rate 0845 050 8447 to talk with us about your security requirements. There's no obligation to buy. Or use our "no time to surf" box to the left to request that we call you.